Saturday, July 19, 2014

When Paid Antiviruses Don't Do the Job Try This!

This is a little off topic but I lost one computer to malware and thought I would let you know what did it in.  There is nothing worse than turning on your computer and finding it suddenly freezes.  What happened to me was my monitor would say it was in sleep mode.  I tried everything on the tech sites to "wake it up", to no avail.  Finally, I took it in to see what the issue was.

It turned out it wasn't the monitor at all it.  The monitor was fine when plugged into another computer.  It was my computer's mother board. There was nothing they could do to fix it.  I was shocked because I used AVG anti virus and it had not indicated any issues at all. Apparently the computer had malware that in time can completed erode the computers functions.   The repair technician pointed out several malware problems.  Apparently conduit is one of the bad ones.  So I did a search for conduit on my other computer and sure enough, it was hiding in a few files and programs there as well.  Heads up! Do a search and you may find it too.  It is easy to delete.

Now what made me mad was that I paid a lot for AVG (that included anti-malware) and it didn't prevent this at all.  So I did buy a Malware Bytes program but I wanted a good, free antivirus as well.  Call me cheap but I really didn't want to spend extra money on AVG or an anti virus that doesn't seem to find these issues anyway.  So after checking out all the options I found a FREE antivirus that is always up to date and that works just as well as any other costly antivirus out there.  It is called AVAST! and you can choose the free version with no time limitation.  When the full version time is up, just choose "free version" to continue the basic protection and it continues to protect your computer. It updates every time you turn on your computer (and it does it quickly) The reviews I read were good for it and so far I like it better than AVG.

Here is a link for you to get AVAST!  if you want the quality without the high cost. It is one of the world's most trusted Antivirus programs out there:

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

How Rich is Your Blog?

People have heard about how sometimes a random blogger hits the jackpot by parlaying the articles into a book or (as in the case of Julia and Julia) a movie. Obviously that doesn't happen very often but it does show the potential of writing a blog, even if you aren't shooting for stardom and are only hoping for some extra advertising cash. Writing an article rich blog has many benefits for a simple blogger.

The articles you write can make your blog show up at the top of search results if you:
1.Write original content
2.Put the article on a high profile ezine site as well as your blog.
3.Use words in your title that people search for

The second benefit of an article rich blog is that it gets your audience to stay on your page longer and after reading your article, browse around the other interesting tidbits you have on your blog. It opens up the door of curiousity. This of course, increases your chances of doing well with your advertising and sales.

Your blog ads should reflect the content and therefore the audience that is likely to visit your blog. You can hand pick what products you think your readers would be interested in. Some advertising spots that you definitely should check out and that don't require huge stats to approve your blog for ads are:

You can find many interesting products to place on your blog from either of these sites. You can also follow your statistics (click rate, sales, returns and such) on the site.

The third way to make your articles work for you is to place them on article sharing sites after they have made a splash on high traffic ezine sites (such as ezine articles Make sure the article sharing site requires the users to list your blog website address and your name when placed on someone elses site. By doing this, you reach out to a broader audience and get linked to other high traffic websites.

Happy writing and remember: write what you love to write and you'll find your blog becoming rich in content and maybe your wallet will get richer too!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Let The Average People Profit - We make up most of the population don't we? !

I think I can safely say that the majority of people in the world right now are doing everything they can to generate income. In countries such as the USA and Canada, there used to be a thriving middle class. People could afford most conveniences and led a fair and stable life. Times and global economic meltdown have changed that. The middle class (or 98%) of the population has been struggling to keep their houses, pay their bills and feed their families. The 2% of the population that flourishes, now are making more money then ever. For instance, I heard that the CEO's of some of Canada's businesses in communications (Cable TV, Telephone and Internet) are making 23 MILLION dollars a year as a salary. Wow...and they pay their employees just a little over minimum wage. Is it any wonder that the average person can barely afford to pay the cost of living?

I am sick of it. It is time that the average person can make money from the money we generate by using these services. Today I got a comment on one of my other posts from a lady that said to she had a way to make money and to click her blog page and find the link. I thought it was another money system scam link but out of curiosity I checked it out. I read through it and was stunned at how simple a concept it is. So I did publish her comment and I am giving my readers the opportunity to check it out as well. You do not pay anything into it, nor do you ask others to pay into it, so it is not a pyramid or MLM scheme. In these pyramid and mlm scams, a person pays into a program, gets people to sign up and then the money they put in is filtered down.
Click Here To See Definition of Pyramid Scheme
Although it does have the filter down aspect in it, they do not ask for money. If they are not asking for money, they are not filtering down money and it is not a pyramid scam. (NOTE, if they did ever require you to PAY INTO IT in the future, then that is a totally different ballgame) Note on their site they say they will never ask for payment in the future. By definition no money being invested and nothing being purchased or sold does not equal a scam. At worst the expectation that the site will fly and profit may be over zealous. So why are there reviews that say it is a scam?

The main reason for all the suspicion in these "reviews" is that the business address and registered owner seem to be located in different states. The registered business in Oregon has an agent Cathy Halverson listed as the owner for tax purposes. She is also an agent for many, many other businesses. This in itself is not that unusual. They do have a business office in Las Vegas, Nevada that has actual people attending it (which the scam reviewers do not state). The actual structure of directors and key members have not yet been determined. Since the clarity of the actual structure of the business is still to be determined, people are obviously raising concerns. Everyone wants to have a clear structure of a business and the people involved in it. Without that clarity, there is concern. That is valid, but calling it a scam before it has even launched is not valid.

The off shoot of this matter is that when people have suspicions, will advertisers actually use the site? Will there be profits to share with users? That remains unknown. That doesn't make it the site or it's business model a scam, it does mean that users must realize that signing up isn't going to get you income if there is no income to share. It took Google a lot of years to make money, Wazzub may be an up and coming search engine or it may fall flat on it's face. We can't know what the future is until it happens. I do feel that caution on expectations is important but I don't believe that Wazzub is a scam. At worst, it may be misleading in the event it doesn't make profits. At this point, there are not enough facts to paint it black or to give it a glowing recommendation.

Wazzub may just be what it says. A profit sharing search engine pre launch. Since I am not losing any money or investing any money, and no one else is investing any money or losing any money, there is nothing to lose.  At worst, the launch flat-lines and there is no profit for anyone to get paid from. Big deal, we still haven't lost anything but the hope of making money on it.  So, when you sign up, just keep that in mind.  You might not make any money at all.

Sometimes random things occur that can change our lives. This might be an innovative opportunity that can do the same.  It costs nothing and shares its (future) profits. When you sign up and verify your email, you will get your own reference number to send to anyone you want and hopefully it will grow to where you can start sharing in profits (if there are any) in the future. To me it is a shot that at worst, won't hit the target and at best will provide an opportunity to make some money.

Click Here, Let's Give it a Shot!