Saturday, March 19, 2011

Your Blog: A launch Pad For Making Money

Your Blog: A launch Pad For Making Money

One of the simplest and most overlooked way to launch products is through a blog. It is the most cost effective and simply to set up. Anybody who intends to make money from home through the internet must have a strategy to succeed. A blog can be the smartest first step you take to begin your marketing strategy. It is simple and free to set up and can easily be optimized for traffic.

Blogs are a powerful launch pad for making online income. Unfortunately few people starting out at home income earning realize the power of blogging. Typically what happens is this: a person sees a product they want to sell or buys into an affiliate website and they think that it will run itself. This is partially because most affiliate sites claim to provide easy income or say the site is auto-run and no skill is required to start. The person buying it only realizes later that it does indeed take skill to make money on selling the product to other people. This is because any affiliate site or product site must get visitors. If no one sees your product or site, you will not make a dime. Getting traffic to affiliate sites can be a costly venture.

This is why just having an affiliate site without a blog to launch it is costly. The affiliate site you buy is called a mirror site. Mirror sites are automated and it is limited in terms of optimizing. You can't add any features for seo like meta tags, rss feeds, or make any html changes. Your options for an affiliate site marketing strategy alone are:

Adding the site to classified ad sites.
Buying ad words.
Buying promotional traffic.

What you can't do with your affiliate site is the main reason for failure. You can't add a rss feed. You can't add meta tags. You can't add your site to most high ranking directories. You can't add content to your site.

Unless you have money to spend on advertising your site your only free promotional option is through free classified ad sites. Obviously, this is a limited venture. You end up feeling very disappointed, ripped off and may spend a lot of cash just trying to get your product or site launched.

Create Your Own Money Making Blog or Make Your Current Blog Work For You!

A blog launch pad can change that. Let's look at all the ways you can effectively get traffic and optimize your blog.

You place all your product links or affiliate site links on your blog easily.
You can add your own meta tags for search engine optimization.
You can add your blog to endless directories to get traffic going.
You can write articles and place them with resource links to your blog.
You can add your blog to all the search engines manually.
You can have multiple products on your blog to maximize income.
There are many link to other sites that are relevant to your blog.

Blogs offer an opportunity to create highly relevant content and get traffic. The more targeted people that see it, the better your chance at making income. A blog can be your launch pad for a mirror site or any product, multiple products you want to make money on. You can optimize your blog very effectively in many proven ways that you can't with a mirror site or a simple product.


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